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  • 6 years ago
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Nothing but hope and passion & HNY 2018

6th of November 2017

Four men enter the stage of Nido music club in Berlin. ALGIERS!

First tones of the upraise promising album UNDERSIDE OF POWER rase forceful in the room. WALK LIKE A PANTHER, DEATH MARCH, PLAGUE YEARS – „music so powerful that no projectile can blast it”. The audience chants. A slide built woman hold the fort on the age of the stage and document the happening for her blog, it cold: “nothing but hope and passion”, she said…

Few days later I find myself in the crowd fulfilling the enormous space of Paris Photo in Grand Palais. Brigitte Macron show up, with security, viewing a picture of a veiled young female beauty. In the booth around the corner some visitors let photograph themselves in front the portrait of Barack Obama, along the main entry a group of school kids take part on a guided tour. There she is, her face remindful of the character from “The Double Life of Veronique”. Like Veronique, she gives me that look full of reliance, hope and strength. Shining…


& a happy new year 2018!



Grand Palais #1, Paris 10.11.2017