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103th International Women’s Day 2023

6th November 2022

Malgorzata, then my classmate with a strong brain for maths and an energetic, not to be tamed member of polish Scouts. We used to play theater at YMCA in the nearby city Gdynia, competing in poetry slams. She was a fighter, a winner. Today a mother of three kids, wife of a dedicated husband and the first and only female leader of a meanwhile 400-man strong polish branch of Norwegian company NFM, providing protective equipment for military and law enforcement, which is the main supplier for Scandinavian Armies.

20 years back she started from ground zero with 20 women and sewing machines in the rural region 70 km west from Gdansk, establishing a factory which is today the heart of research and design of the brand. Years after she was assigned to launch the next production facility – nearby Lviv, Ukraine…

I cached this glimpse of vulnerability and beauty on 6th November 2022 at her home, while kids and dogs were playing downstairs. It was already a long time after she, as far as possible, evacuated the Ukrainian branch from Lviv and relaunched it in Bulgaria. Ukrainian employees where offered to move to Poland and to work at the base in her home town Lebork. The life will go on, we said…

On this 103th international women’s day I recall this woman figure who emanate such strength, glory and wisdom spreading it on me.

I wish every girl in the world to be surrounded by female mates and adults who lift them up and encourage to live their purpose and dreams. Glorious International Women’s Day to you today and every day!